Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My perdictions
for the NBA finals
If The Playoffs Started Today
Eastern Conference
Western Conference
(1) BOSTON vs. (8) Atlanta
(Boston won 3-0)
(2) DETROIT vs. (7) Philadelphia
(Series tied 2-2)
(3) ORLANDO vs. (6) Toronto
(Orlando won 2-1)
(4) CLEVELAND vs. (5) Washington
(Series tied 2-2)
(1) LOS ANGELES vs. (8) Denver
(Los Angeles won 3-0)
(2) NEW ORLEANS (1A) vs. (7) Dallas
(New Orleans leads 2-1)
(3) SAN ANTONIO vs. (6) Phoenix
(Phoenix won 3-1)
(4) UTAH vs. (5) Houston
(Utah won 2-1)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My bEtER iS BeTeR THen YoUR BetER

My bEtTER iS BeTteR THen YoUR BetTER.

I know you cant stare me in the eyes.

I am to focused for the eyes to see.

So if we are playing any type of sports activity.

I want you to know that i have a anther side of me.

Like when Kobe is loosing in the 4 quarter and he just takes over.

I might not be better then you but

My bEtTER iS BeTteR THen YoUR BettER

my LAME spring break

Greetings my fellows. Over my long and boring spring break all of my flights got canceled . I was going to got to South Carolina and Chicago but me and Kevante spent the night at each other house. Over the first weekend of the spring break I went to his house. He lives all the way over by Six Flags so it took me about an hour just to get there.We went to the movies at arbour place to see the movie 21. In the beginning of the movie it was the most lamest movie I ever saw. So we went inside the mall to chill and drink root beer. About an hour later we went back to the movies but security guards we guarding the movie entrance like a pack of alligators protecting their young. So I had to distract them so Kevante could go in and and follow him. So when we get back into the movies these couples were siting in our seats so we had to sit all the way in the front. Our necks were killing us. The only good about the movie was towards the end when Ben was trying to act bad. My favorite part was when Ben tricked his professor into gambling.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

invintationsz to friendsz

Hello all my peps. I am here to tell you about my utopia.I believe that my utopia is the best because it is very colorful. if your page is uncolorfull it is going to be dull and boring. But my utopia has so many colors it even has a video about Obama. The other reason why my utopia is the best is because it has multiply stories on it. My favorite one is who is going to win M.V.P. so please check out my blog and add me to your list.


How will the government of this utopia will be yall people asked. Well my answer will be democracy.because the way that I live right now is perfect. there is no KKK or slavery right now in the world. So I am hoping that Barack Obama will just shake things up in the white house. I don't also like how there is a dictatorship in the world. How do people take that brutality.There is just too much power in the dictatorship,so I selected democracy because there is not to much conflict

10 rules


1. When I get home take Ialways take off my socks.

2. When I get done taking off my socks, take a 30 minute break.

3. Always stop what your doing at 8:00pm and watch sports center for an hour.

4. Every friday morning at 5:15 wake up and play madden until I see the bus lights in the front of my lawn.

5. On saturday morning I must drink 3 glasses of milk before I do anything else.

6. Go on the computer every day.

7. Every day when I get home from school I must watch Kenan & kel on my D.V.R. .

8. On thursday morning I must take out the trash so I wont get in trouble from my dad.

9. Read at least one Game Informer a month.

10. And my last but not my least is never to be late for anything.Because it will hurt you one way or another.

I have chosen a pack of dolphins for my animal just like me.
I picked dolphins because they are very smart animals, just like me. Resons why I picked Dolphins is because they never swim alone. What that means to me is that i never go a day without meeting or talking to my friens or my family.

I picked a dragon because a dragon can do anything and can say what ever they want. Well some could if they wanted to.!

Monday, March 31, 2008

who wants the m.v.p. ^ CHRIS PAUL^


yo was popin. My blogtopia is all about whats going on underground. And what i mean about that is all the rummors whats going on in sports and entertainment so ill be tellin yall wats happenig on the DL. so what coming
up is the n.b.a finals, summer movie and etc. I will tell you in a couple of weeks